Evil Writer Seeks Evil Artist

Pure Concentrated Evil is looking for an artist!

Me: Writer of fantasy novels and comics. Writer/designer of Choose Your Own Adventure-style sprite comics. LEGO artist, occasional painter, vector artist, poet, and CrossFit-er. You can see my other work at www.ChroniclersNote.com, www.PerilousJack.com, and www.Instagram.com/LegoGuacamole.

You: Comic penciler interested in collaborating on a new project from its inception. PCE is a humorous comic, heavy on the visual puns, but rooted in enough realism to make the outlandish bits really stand out. Your range should incorporate the nuances of human expression, messy bachelor pads, muscled superhero types, and giant war machines assembled from kitchen appliances.

Hiring someone for a one-time commission isn’t really what I’m looking for. I would rather find someone who is as excited about this project as I am and wants to make it a reality.

If you’re serious about working together, you can contact Narrator here.

Click the + below for writing samples and more!

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